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Elite Performance Enhancement Tools, Services & Methods



The Super Sport Systems are offering a unique set of contemporary coaching tools and supplemental services, without which the coach at any level is hardly capable efficiently and intelligently evaluate, monitor and manage athlete’s condition in pursue for achievement of his / her best possible results at target time.


  Our services and tools were designed by elite coaches who trained both elite athletes and national level elite coaches for decades. Therefore, the tools supplements the leading training methods, which were accumulated, processed and tested on thousands of athletes of every level. These methods, many of them proprietary and original (such as Parametric Training Method, etc.) were used in preparation of generations of Olympic champions in multiple sports. Simply stated - there is nothing comparable anywhere in the world that is backed by decades of scientific research and documented results in contemporary coaching science. You can begin now to learn how to use our system and reap the same rewards and success that so many previous champions and winning coaches have enjoyed. The system will provide you with:   Coach or individual athlete – you are in serious disadvantage without these tools.      

  •  sports training knowledge based on more than 40 years of specialized studies and systematic research,
  •  the expertise of scientists and professionals who have specialized in the education and preparation of elite coaches at the Olympic level,
  •  a wealth of proprietary information and accumulated experience in the fields of coaching and sport science,
  •  features and services that are time-tested and proven, easy to use, and flexible,
  •  Individualized training schedules,
  •  High-end planning and coaching tools and custom Services*

* Due to the unique, complex nature of our products and tools, some services are presently available only in an off-line mode and may require special preparation such as attending a 3S educational seminar.

Our services are designed for the following categories of users in mind:


Regardless of the service package selected, you will be in charge of every aspect of your performance and progress. You will receive precise, individually prepared daily and weekly training plans and schedules (see example), available online in real time, which are based on your present conditioning level and future goals. The 3S certified coaches will be available to provide you with immediate customized services such as:

  •  Present condition
  •  Future goals

3S certified coaches are available to provide immediate customized services such as:

  •  Calculating required progression of your results
  •  Individual physiological parameters matched with specific exercises and workouts
  •  Providing powerful tools for monitoring your progression and preparation
  •  Special issues
  Standard Signature Elite
(On & Off-Line)
Season Planning Tool
3S Daily / Weekly Training Schedules
Required Weekly Volume Progression
Required Results Progression  
Results Evaluation
Individual Energy Zones
Dry Land (Strength) Exercises  
Individualized Nutrition Advisor
Advanced Season Planning    
Add any Exercise / Modify Day    
Coordinated Schedules    
Advanced Physiology & Monitoring    
Parametric Training
- Available now - On Request (Fee Applies) - Coming soon

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Our coaching tools are designed to help you in many different ways. The 3S system will give you access to precise, individually prepared daily and weekly training plans and schedules (see example) available on-line in real time, which is based on your athletes:

  • Present condition
  • Future goals
  • Access to the scientists and professionals who have educated and prepared elite coaches at the Olympic level for decades
  • Access to athletes and group management tools which will allow you to monitor and guide both individual athletes and groups
  • The ability to calculate required progression of your athletes’ results
  • Individual athlete physiological parameters matched with specific exercises and workouts
  • Powerful tools for monitoring your athletes’ progression and preparation


We offer a unique opportunity for coaches through our Coaches Certification Program. Once certified, you will receive full access to our Training Optimization Program™ and a steady flow of customers through the 3S site. We will help you to either establish a new coaching business or enhance and continue to build your existing one.

  Standard Signature Elite
On-Line Clients’ Management Tools
BASIC Season Planning Tool
AUTO Daily Schedules
Individual Energy Zones
Intensity Levels
Add / Delete Exercises (Menu)

Dry Land (Strength) Exercises

Parametric Training

Psychological Evaluation

Advanced Physiology & Monitoring

Advanced Season Planning Tools
Manual Scheduling Tool
- Available now - On Request (Fee Applies) - Coming soon

As part of the 3S Signature and Elite plans you will be eligible to receive the following services as they become available

Technique Evaluation
Training Logs Analyses
Individualized Nutrition Advisor

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3S offers a special service for corporations and groups by enrolling a large number of users, providing them with individual training and fitness schedules, and allowing a real-time monitoring of their progress. These services are designed for, but not limited to, the following categories of corporate users:

  •  Fitness clubs and fitness systems
  •  Corporate fitness programs
  •  Universities (Athletic Departments and general fitness)
  •  Health insurance companies, etc.
  •  Professional Clubs and teams

We also offer a customized interface for each corporate client and the integration of our services with existing Internet services. To learn more about these services and fees please contact our Corporate Sales Department at: or call Sergei Beliaev at (804) 519-1201.

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