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In the past, the knowledge and techniques of elite coaches has been available only to a selected few such as the wealthy or world class athletes. Others, including over 100 million athletes in the U.S., were at the mercy of numerous, potentially questionable, trainers, coaches, fragmented publications and generic internet advisors.

In the 1950s, the Soviet Union made a strategic decision to support the development of sport sciences in order to assure athletic dominance at major world events and the Olympic games. From the 1950s until the late 1980s, the Soviet sports science industry was heavily financed and an enormous research infrastructure and multiple research data banks were developed. Each Olympic sport was meticulously studied and the information was processed through associated scientific research centers. Optimized systems were developed based on this accumulated knowledge. The models and algorithms made it possible to achieve desired individual results in various sports and events with an accuracy of 90 percent. Until recently, this information was kept “top secret” and extremely proprietary.

In 1999, an American-based company, in association with a team of Soviet sports scientists from the Moscow State Institute of Sports, formed an alliance that is destined to change sports training forever. These Soviet and American specialists have packaged this knowledge and technology for the training of athletes in the U.S. through the Internet. This revolutionary approach allows the delivery of elite coaching methodology and knowledge about the preparation of athletes for peak performance to the general public. In addition, data are available to the public on general fitness practices, nutrition, and weight control.

The Super Sport Systems technology, knowledge, and product was developed after over 30 years of data collection and testing of training methods that produced numerous world and Olympic champions in the Soviet Union and has no equal. Users (coaches, athletes, Industry, the general public) have immediate access to a vast pool of Olympic level coaches and athletes worldwide. Unlike similar services on the Web today, we do not sell the success story of just one coach or athlete. The Super Sport System offers the knowledge and tools that will lead to the success of anyone who follows the program.

Seminars and other public events are held by 3S to explain our approach and the basics of the system, including programs for practically any Olympic Sport.

Join us today and start enjoying our services and tools!


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