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Super Sport Systems was first conceptualized in the Soviet Union in the 1950’s. It was the brainchild of a group of prominent industry leaders that represented the “best of the best” in international sports, physiology, psychology, science, research, and elite coaching.

The group worked for decades preparing national teams, working both as coaches and consultants. The core of the team represents multiple PhD’s and each member of the 3S team has vast experience and a proven record of results. Our resume of teaching coaches worldwide and research in the field of methodology of sports training supported by numerous (over 200 combined) publications in related field. The overarching methodology behind 3S is the Parametric Training concept and Parametric Training Tools ™.

Our site is designed to give you the benefit of the career long efforts and knowledge of several outstanding researchers, coaches and educators. 3S wants to bring you the knowledge and methods, which have been validated and tested by generations of elite athletes.

Helping athletes unleash their potential is our passion, our mission and our vision. It’s what we do best and where we are more effective and efficient that anyone else.


Professor, Dr. SCI. Sergei M. Gordon is a prominent Russian specialist in sports science. Dr. Gordon is the inventor of Training Optimization Program (TOP ™) and Parametric Training method and tools. He is a senior science consultant for Super Sport Systems and active participant in preparation of elite (National level) training programs and plans for several national teams. During almost 50 year long career Dr. Gordon prepared and published over 100 books, articles and training methods recommendations, selected and prepared 20 Ph.D.' (Dr. Sergei Beliaev among them). Dr. Gordon's studies and reputation resulted in number of national level consulting jobs with several national and Olympic teams such as:


  •  Starting with 1957 - science consultant for the USSR national swimming team;
  •  Since 1969 and until now, in addition to swimming, started to consult national rowing teams;
  •  Since 1989 - science consultant for the Byelorussia national swimming team;
  •  Since 1994 - science consultant for the Russian national water polo team;
  •  Since 1996 - science consultant for the Russian national skiing team;
  •  Head science consultant, Moscow Youth Olympic Training Center.

The teams and individual athletes he consulted won numerous national, European, World and Olympic medals. Dr. Gordon's elite training philosophies are considered and recognized as the world leading.

Researchers and their main multi-annual research topics (Dissertations), which were staged, planned and / or shared in participation by Dr. Sergei Gordon leading to construction of 3S System (“Gordon’s School”)

  1. Pavel Prilutski, Ph.D., multisport: “Construction of training for swimmers-sprinters using the progression of ergometric markers in annual cycle”
  2. Andrei Glazko, Ph.D., swimming: “Criteria for regulation of training loads during training mycro cycle as a method of enhancing training process”
  3. Anatoly Kashkin, Ph.D., Professor, swimming, water polo: “Criteria of training management and main training sets in annual training process of swimmer”
  4. Evaldas Skirus, Ph.D., multisport: “Strength endurance of swimmers and methods for its improvement using trainers (strength building equipment)”
  5. Yuri Ustkachkintchev, Ph.D., Swimming: “Progression of physical preparedness and training loads in swimmers in annual training cycle”
  6. Yuri Skvortzov, Ph.D., Professor, multisport: «Study or preparedness markers in swimmers during the stages of multi-annual training process”
  7. Eugene Shirkovetz, Ph.D., swimming: “Structure analyses of factors determining work capacity in competitive swimming”
  8. Gennagy Sokolov, Ph.D., multisport: “Construction of training process of swimmers considering the dynamics of special work capacity on stages of multi-annual training”
  9. Vladimir Akulov, post-graduate student, running: “Determination of training strategy of runners based on their results analyses”
  10. Sergei Beliaev, Ph.D., multisport: “Determination of norms of special preparedness markers in cyclists of different specialization during annual training cycle”
  11. Olga Moscowitchenko, Ph.D., Professor, multisport: “Optimization of training process of underwater swimmers”
  12. Andrei Sirutz, post-graduate student, swimming: “Relationship of training aids aimed the development of speed-strength abilities and endurance in preparation of young athletes (special sports clubs)”
  13. Oleg Popov, Dr. Dci., Professor, swimming: “Enhancement of training methodology of swimmers based on norms in training volumes and intensity of workouts in training programs”
  14. Viacheslav Inkin, Ph.D., speed skating: “Strength preparedness of speed skaters in relation to their qualification and specialization”
  15. Victor Sedukh, Ph.D., multisport: “Study of control methods in training process of athletes”
  16. Sergei Morozov, Ph.D., swimming: “Relational study of structure of preparedness of sprinters and endurance swimmers for enhancement of control over training process”
  17. Eugene Buzinov, post-graduate student, swimming: “Strength endurance and speed and strength preparedness of swimmers”
  18. Katherine Absoliamova, post-graduate student, swimming: “Relation of Buoyancy and strength preparedness of swimmers”
  19. Tatiana Vasuchenkova, Ph.D., multisport: “Progression of work capacity in training process of swimmers and rowers”
  20. Katherine Starodubceva, post-graduate student, multisport: “Application of different Parametric Training strategies in annual cycle of swimmers”
  21. Alexander Iliin, Ph.D., multisport: “Evaluation of personality and competitive preparedness of athletes of different specialization and qualification”
  22. Tatiana Khohlova, Ph.D., figure skating: “Factors structure to determine the achievements in figure skating”
  23. Dina Bisembaeva, Ph.D., swimming: “The use of control sets and psychological questionnaires for prognoses of sports results in competition”
  24. Tatiana Lukina, Ph.D., multisport: “Determination of personality markers and their dynamics (change) in annual training cycle in swimmers and rowers”


Sergei B. Beliaev, Ph.D., Founder and current President of Super Sport Systems LLC, has knowledge of both Russian sports science and American management and coaching styles. Former national level cyclist, he graduated from Moscow State Institute of Physical Education and has vast research and coaching experience working with elite athletes both back in Russia and in the US (Head Coach, CYCOR Professional Cycling Team). Recognized by the leading coaches in the World, Dr. Beliaev initiated the development of Super Sport Systems in 1998, while working as an assistant Athletic Director for a major US university and a practical cycling coach. He adopted “Training Optimization Program” (TOP ™) in preparation of his athletes and clients. See "testimonials".

Dr. Beliaev is lecturing at Virginia Commonwealth University Sport Center (Masters Degree Program in Sports Marketing and Coaching) and will continue to serve Super Sport System as an expert in endurance sports and member of 3S Coaching and Management Boards.


Dr. SCI. Michael Shestakov is an outstanding specialist and researcher in neural physiology, biomechanics, computer simulation and modeling in sports and modern theory and practice of sports training methods. After receiving a Masters Degree in Engineering in 1980, Dr. Shestakov chose to connect his research and career with sport-related issues and joined the Russian Academy of Physical Culture and Sports, where he has served since 1981. Dr. Shestakov is also a member of the State Institute of Biomedical Problems (IMBP), where he is participating in the preparation of space pilots for the International Space Station "MIR" 21-29 in the capacity of the Head of the Neural Physiology Laboratory (1996 to present). During his career Dr. Shestakov served as coach-consultant for several national teams in track and field, team handball, and water skiing. In the year 2000, he received the highest award of the European Athletic Association for his outstanding accomplishments in Sports Science.


George Dintiman Ph.ED., Professor Emeritus, VCU, Founder and President of the National Association of Speed and Explosion and an internationally known expert on the improvement of speed for team sports. Author of 33 books and several videos on speed improvement, sports, fitness, nutrition, weight control and general health. One of his books ("Sportspeed") is considered the bible of speed improvement in the US athletic world. Dr. Dintiman continues to conduct research in the area of sports performance and is actively involved in consulting and writing.



Our product and technology is based on several decades of research in the field of optimization of sports preparation in endurance and team sports. This methods and associated technology has been used over the last ten years in preparation of several national teams and individual athletes with tremendous success (over 30 World and Olympic medals was won when using our technology) See "List of Results and Achievements".

This system and services were previously available only to elite and national level athletes and coaches. Super Sport Systems has now made these secrets available to you at a fraction of its original cost. Leading world coaches and sport scientists are standing behind this system and ready to offer further customization and provide assistance any time you may need it.

Regardless of whether you are preparing for Olympic trials or just want to improve your current results, our system will help you achieve your potential and teach you to control your condition.

The following key individuals and scientists contributed to the development of 3S product and will continue to offer their services to you:



3S Software is developing by the team headed by Dmitriev Dmitry and Pavlov Vasiliy, who work now for Innovation Center for Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics (IC-ITEP).

Software team is located on the territory of the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics (ITEP, Sponsored by Atomic Agency of the Russian Federation) the world known physics reseach center. Through the ITEP facilities Modul Inc. has an unlimited fast access to the Internet and to major international communication links.

B. Cheremushkinsyaya 25, Moscow, Russia 117259, phone/fax: (7-095) 129-96-27


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