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The Super Sport System Site is specifically designed for users at all levels of ability and competition. There is no need to search for a better service. There is nothing comparable anywhere in the world that is backed by decades of scientific research and documented results. You can begin now to learn how to use our system and reap the same rewards and success that so many previous champion athletes have enjoyed in past.

Simply select between our options and stay confident that with any selection you will receive the highest possible quality of service!

Direct “Freedom” Service Plans (ONLINE Only)

Standard - $54.99  Register Now

What is Included: This is an entry level of our services. However, unlike anybody else, we do not compromise quality of design and delivery of workouts with lower price. In fact, regardless of what product package you will opt to select – the daily workouts will be EXACTLY the same and be based on individual parameters provided by you. With this option you will have 3S Signature daily workouts, unlimited access to your Internet training Desktop, subscription to news and coaching hints and, of course, 4 emails to 3S experts monthly (request for help with initial setting is not included into that number).

What You Missing: The difference between “StandardFreedom” Plan and Signature plan is in access to our industry leading customization tools and analytical tools. If all you want is individually prepared quality workouts based on sound and proven strategies – you can not miss with this optionservice .

Signature Plan - $79.99 Register Now

What is Included: This package is a flagship of 3S online coaching. The only complain we received so far – is only about the overwhelming amount of information available at your fingertip about your self. This service is designed to provide maximum freedom to users in terms of adjustments in both seasonal planning and selection (and design) of daily workouts and sets. With information available to individual one become an “informed self coach”. When supported by 3S Experts and/ or 3S Certified coaches this service is a sure road to desired goals and ultimate success. After all gGenerations of Olympic athletes were prepared using exactly this tool and now it is available to you in simple and affordable format.

You will be entitled to a free email access to 3S experts (8 emails a month). Actual designers who build the system will answer your questions and solve your problems (if any). You can not beat the value offered with this package.


ELITE Plan - $129.00 (Please call for More Info)

Serious training solution for serious athletes. Expect highest quality in personal service provided by outstanding and well-known coaches still backed up by all array of Expert on-and-offline tools. We are getting very serious here and expect you to become a part of our team, which will take you to your personal best ever.


Group Plan (No certification required)

You do not need to be certified to use our services as a coach and manage multiple clients. Go to Register button and select “Coach” service. As a coach you will be paying per individual registered under your account (you will be charged for five (5) individuals minimum to start with). We offer several plans for coaches and offer discounts if you manage a larger group (s).

Individual Athletes
Under the Coach
Annual License
Price Per
1 - 5 $99.00 $50.00
6 - 10 $99.00 $47.50
11 - 15 $99.00 $45.00
16 - 20 $99.00 Please CALL

* Please note, that at this level the coaches do not qualify for “3S Certified”. The license you are entitled to – is for administering regular “Signature” services level. You need to be 3S Certified to provide “Signature +” and Elite services to your clients. 3S reserves the right to contact your clients directly for quality control and license check-up purposes.

Please contact us at to request more information about our service plans and additional opportunities for coaches. You may also call us at: (804) 519 1201 to talk to our representatives.


COACHING AGENCIES (Certification required)

If you are an established coach and manage multiple groups you may consider a status of “3S Regional Agent”. In that case you may become our representative in you region (or in several if you desire so) and run independent coaching agency with our full backup. The very important fact about our relations with coaches - is that we (3S) help coaches to establish their own name in the industry and support them in background. In other words – we help you to establish and run your own business, which is no longer limited by your ability to manage multiple clients. To learn more about available opportunities in your region please contact us at: or call us at (804) 519 1201.

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* Two-Month Minimum Subscription Required

** One time set-up fee is imposed upon subscription

*** 3S Elite Individual services will be available starting April, 2004.