Although athletes may engage in the same conditioning and training programs, results often still vary during competition due to differences in psychological preparedness. The psychological preparedness of an athlete consists of three major components:

  • Stability (handling stressful influences during competition and training sessions);
  • Ability to mobilize under conditions of athletic competition and stressful training exercises; and
  • Ability to utilize self-control during both the training and competition phase.

These components depend on several factors such as genetic predisposition, personality structure, years in organized training and adaptation to sports environment. Before you begin the planning and implementation of the psychological preparation it is highly advisable to evaluate the above three parameters in each individual athlete and understand the associated risks. Our survey and program will help you to:

  • Assess the actual level of parameters in relation to the general population of athletes;
  • Receive recommendations on the factors that can positively influence the above mentioned parameters and influence the ability of athletes to produce their best time.


You are asked to respond to 90 questions that are designed to evaluate the parameters influencing your ability to perform at your maximum ability and identify the risks associated with the inability to reach these desired results. The survey typically takes about 10 minutes to complete. Please plan your time accordingly and be prepared to spend enough time with the survey. You can not provide partial answers and your information is not going to be saved.

Try to imagine the most typical situations and respond with the first thought that comes to mind. Answer each question fast and exact. There is no right or wrong answers. Just click on box that is most consistent with your statement.


When you have answered all questions, press Submit to receive the results of the survey and our recommendations.

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